ARS-Feed the Future Shared Data

This data sharing effort coincides with the Open Data policy of the US government. The data provided herein is an early draft version of the data that has been generated by the ARS Feed-the-Future Grain Legumes Project that is focused on common bean research. A zip file with the data described below can be downloaded by clicking on this link:

Contents within the zip file: 

  1. ADP2
    This file contains a list of all the genotypes in the Andean Diversity Panel (ADP). The lines with a 1 in column H represent the 2nd generation ADP panel. This ADP-2 represents newly obtained genotypes and genotypes from the original ADP-1 selected to represent broad diversity based on the genotypic cluster analysis using the 6k SNP chip.
  2. PIC Populations
    This excel spreadsheet provides a list of the pedigrees of the first set of Phaseolus Improvement Cooperative (PIC) bulk breeding populations (F4 generation) available for general distribution.
  3. ADP 6k SNP chip data
    This is the original SNP data on a subset of the ADP based on the 6k BeanCAP SNP chip. This data is provided in a single excel spreadsheet.
  4. ADP GBS SNP data
    This genotyping-by-sequencing (GBS) dataset on the majority of the ADP, about 500 ADP genotypes, includes 31,194 SNPs. This ADPv1.0 SNP dataset includes SNP data that is the result of ApeKI restriction enzyme complexity reduction. A complete description of the files included in this folder is provided in the file “ADPv1.0-ApeKI-GBS_Summary.”