Project Objectives

The main goal of the project is to increase common bean production in Sub-Saharan Africa, through the development of germplasm resources, molecular tools, and scientific knowledge.

Feed the Future Countries

Sub-objectives include:

  1. Develop an Andean Diversity Panel (ADP) comprised of 300-500 dry bean lines for genetic characterization of targeted traits and identification of breeding materials.Andean Diversity Panel - 434 entries
  2. Identify and develop Andean germplasm with improved biological nitrogen fixation (BNF) and improved production on degraded low input soils.
  3. Improve tolerance to abiotic stresses-drought and heat.
  4. Identify Andean common bean cultivars with disease resistance genes for the control of the most widespread and yield-reducing diseases in target countries.
  5. Determine the phenotypic variation of seed phytic acid , flavonoids, and cooking time.
  6. Determine the phenotypic variation and genetic control of seed mineral concentrations, pod mineral partitioning, and pod dry matter partitioning in Andean beans.