PIC (Phaseolus Improvement Cooperative) Populations

PIC (Phaseolus Improvement Cooperative) populations are bulked populations for improvement of common bean in Feed the Future Countries, with a principal focus on sub-Saharan Africa. These populations are for distribution to collaborators, are segregating for key biotic and abiotic stress constraints, and can be used for selection and release of improved cultivars/germplasm. Many of these populations are derived from crosses between ADP landrances and cultivars from sub-Saharan Africa and other improved genotypes with key biotic or abiotic stress tolerance. Phenotypic and genotypic information related to the parents of the crosses can be found in the ADP Database.

Download the complete list of PIC breeding populations (Excel Format)

PIC# Pedigree Generation
PIC001 PR 0737-1/KABUKU F4 Bulks
PIC004 CANADA/Rojo F4 Bulks
PIC005 CANADA/CAL 143 F4 Bulks
PIC006 KIJIVU/Montcalm F4 Bulks
PIC008 KABUKU/PR 0737-1 F4 Bulks
PIC009 CANADA/Redhawk F4 Bulks
PIC010 Rojo/ND061106 F4 Bulks
PIC011 Kranskop HR-1/Rojo F4 Bulks
PIC012 PR1013-3/KABUKU F4 Bulks
PIC013 PR1013-3/H9659-27-7 F4 Bulks
PIC014 PR1013-3/Cardinal F4 Bulks
PIC015 NY 105/Rozi Koko F4 Bulks
PIC016 NY 105/KILOMBERO F4 Bulks
PIC017 ND061106/TARS-HT1 F4 Bulks
PIC018 AC Elk/OAC Redstar F4 Bulks
PIC019 TARS-HT1/Cardinal F4 Bulks
PIC020 Cardinal/BUKOBA F4 Bulks
PIC021 Cardinal/CANADA F4 Bulks
PIC022 PR 9745-232/SAB 618//KILOMBERO F4 Bulks
PIC023 PR 9745-232/SAB 618//Badillo F4 Bulks
PIC024 PR 9745-232/SAB 663//BUKOBA F4 Bulks
PIC025 PR 9745-232/SAB 663//Werna F4 Bulks
PIC026 PR 0737-1/SAB 618//SER 28 F4 Bulks
PIC027 PR 0737-1/SAB 618//KIJIVU F4 Bulks
PIC028 PR 0737-1/SAB 618//Rojo F4 Bulks
PIC029 PR 0737-1/SAB 618//Werna F4 Bulks
PIC030 PR 0737-1/SAB 671//Rojo F4 Bulks
PIC031 Badillo/UCD 0704//CANADA F4 Bulks
PIC032 Badillo/UCD 0704//PR1013-3 F4 Bulks
PIC033 UCD 0226/SAB 671//MRONDO F4 Bulks
PIC034 UCD 0903/SAB 663//MRONDO F4 Bulks
PIC035 UCD 0315/SAB 671//MRONDO F4 Bulks
PIC036 Canario/10IS-2421//BUKOBA F4 Bulks
PIC037 0932-215-216/Canario//BUKOBA F4 Bulks
PIC038 Montcalm/10IS-2421//MRONDO F4 Bulks
PIC039 ALB 209/Badillo//Badillo F4 Bulks
PIC040 ALB 209/Badillo//KILOMBERO F4 Bulks
PIC042 KILOMBERO(ADP-0004)/H9659-27-10(ADP0629) F4 Bulks
PIC043 KILOMBERO(ADP-0004)/CAL 143(ADP-0526) F4 Bulks
PIC044 CANADA(ADP-0010)/PR0737-1(ADP-0434) F4 Bulks
PIC046 CANADA(ADP-0010)/TARS HT 1(ADP-0632) F4 Bulks
PIC048 KIJIVU(ADP-0033)/PR0737-1(ADP-0434) F4 Bulks
PIC049 KIJIVU(ADP-0033)/Badillo(ADP-0626) F4 Bulks
PIC050 KIJIVU(ADP-0033)/TARS HT 1(ADP-0632) F4 Bulks
PIC051 MRONDO(ADP-0041)/G 1368(ADP-0186) F4 Bulks
PIC052 MRONDO(ADP-0041)/H9659-27-10(ADP-0629) F4 Bulks
PIC053 KABUKU(ADP-0055)/Badillo(ADP-0626) F4 Bulks
PIC054 KABUKU(ADP-0055)/PR9920-171 (ADP-0429) F4 Bulks
PIC055 KABUKU(ADP-0055)/Cardinal(ADP-0643) F4 Bulks
PIC057 Rojo(ADP-0096)/Dolly(ADP-0624) F4 Bulks
PIC059 Werna(ADP-0118)/G 13654(ADP-0276) F4 Bulks
PIC061 PR1013-3(ADP-0430)/Dolly(ADP-0624) F4 Bulks
PIC062 PR1013-3(ADP-0430)/CAL 143(ADP-0526) F4 Bulks
PIC063 NY 105(ADP-0607)/KIJIVU(ADP-0033) F4 Bulks
PIC064 NY 105(ADP-0607)/G 6415(ADP-0225) F4 Bulks
PIC065 NY 105(ADP-0607)/TARS HT 1(ADP-0632) F4 Bulks
PIC066 AC Elk(ADP-0618)/KIJIVU(ADP-0033) F4 Bulks
PIC067 H9659-27-7(ADP-0628)/PR0737-1(ADP-0434) F4 Bulks
PIC068 H9659-27-7(ADP-0628)/Rozi Koko(ADP-0001) F4 Bulks
PIC070 G1368(ADP-0186)/PR9920-171 (ADP-0429) F4 Bulks
PIC071 G1368(ADP-0186)/0932-215-216() F4 Bulks
PIC072 H9659-27-10(ADP-0629)/0932-215-216() F4 Bulks
PIC073 H9659-27-10(ADP-0629)/AND277(ADP-0553) F4 Bulks
PIC074 Wallace 773-V98(ADP-0603)/0932-215-216() F4 Bulks
PIC075 Dolly(ADP-0624)/IJR(ADP-0683) F4 Bulks
PIC076 PR9920-171 (ADP-0429)/TARS HT 1(ADP-0632) F4 Bulks
PIC077 G 13654(ADP-0276)/Cardinal(ADP-0643) F4 Bulks
PIC079 G 6415(ADP-0225)/IJR(ADP-0683) F4 Bulks
PIC080 TARS HT 1(ADP-0632)/Werna(ADP-0118) F4 Bulks
PIC082 OAC Redstar(ADP-0635)/PR9745-232(ADP-0433) F4 Bulks
PIC084 CAL 143(ADP-0526)/G 13654(ADP-0276) F4 Bulks
PIC085 CAL 143(ADP-0526)/0932-215-216() F4 Bulks
PIC086 CAL 143(ADP-0526)/USWK-CBB-17(ADP-0665) F4 Bulks
PIC090 Cardinal(ADP-0643)/IJR(ADP-0683) F4 Bulks
PIC098 Selian 97 (ADP-98)/Bwana Shamba (ADP-10) F4 Bulks
PIC099 Selian 97 (ADP-98)/Bwana Shamba (ADP-10) F4 Bulks
PIC100 Selian 97(ADP-98)/CAL143 (ADP-526) F4 Bulks
PIC101 CAL143 (ADP-526)/Blush (ADP-658) F4 Bulks
PIC102 CAL143 (ADP-526)/Blush (ADP-658)  F4 Bulks
PIC103 Blush (ADP-658)/Bwana Shamba (ADP-10) F4 Bulks
PIC104 Bwana Shamba (ADP-10)/SUG131 F4 Bulks
PIC105 CAL143 (ADP-526)/SUG131 F4 Bulks
PIC106 CAL143 (ADP-526)/SUG131 F4 Bulks
PIC107 Bukoba (ADP-7)/SAB618 (ADP-576) F4 Bulks
PIC108 A197 (ADP-532)/SAB659 (ADP-584) F4 Bulks
PIC109 IJR (ADP-683)/SAB659 (ADP-584) F4 Bulks
PIC110 IJR (ADP-683)/Bwana Shamba (ADP-10) F4 Bulks
PIC111 H9659-27-7 (ADP-628)/Kijivi (ADP-57) F4 Bulks
PIC112 H9659-27-7 (ADP-628)/Kijivi (ADP-57) F4 Bulks
PIC113 H9659-27-7 (ADP-628)/Soya (ADP-63) F4 Bulks
PIC116 Bukoba (ADP-7)/CAL 143 (ADP-526) F4 Bulks
PIC119 Bukoba (ADP-7)/Dolly (ADP-624) F4 Bulks
PIC120 Bwana Shamba (ADP-10)/CAL 143 (ADP-526) F4 Bulks
PIC121 Bwana Shamba (ADP-10)/A 197 (ADP-532) F4 Bulks
PIC122 Bwana Shamba (ADP-10)/H9659-27-7 (ADP-628) F4 Bulks
PIC123 Bwana Shamba (ADP-10)/H9659-23-1 (ADP-630) F4 Bulks
PIC124 Bwana Shamba (ADP-10)/Dolly (ADP-624) F4 Bulks
PIC125 Kijivu (ADP-33)/CAL 143 (ADP-526) F4 Bulks
PIC126 Kijivu (ADP-33)/A 197 (ADP-532) F4 Bulks
PIC127 Kijivu (ADP-33)/H9659-23-1 (ADP-630) F4 Bulks
PIC128 Kijivu (ADP-33)/Dolly (ADP-624) F4 Bulks
PIC129 ADP-37/CAL 143 (ADP-526) F4 Bulks
PIC130 ADP-37/Dolly (ADP-624) F4 Bulks
PIC132 Mrondo (ADP-41)/A 197 (ADP-532) F4 Bulks
PIC134 Kabuku (ADP-55)/Rojo (ADP-96) F4 Bulks
PIC135 Kabuku (ADP-55)/A 197 (ADP-532) F4 Bulks
PIC136 Kabuku (ADP-55)/H9659-27-7 (ADP-628) F4 Bulks
PIC137 Kabuku (ADP-55)/H9659-23-1 (ADP-630) F4 Bulks
PIC139 Kijivu (ADP-57)/Rojo (ADP-96) F4 Bulks
PIC141 Kijivu (ADP-57)/H9659-23-1 (ADP-630) F4 Bulks
PIC142 Kijivu (ADP-57)/Dolly (ADP-624) F4 Bulks
PIC143 Canada (ADP-58)/Rojo (ADP-96) F4 Bulks
PIC144 Canada (ADP-58)/H9659-23-1 (ADP-630) F4 Bulks
PIC145 Mshindi (ADP-107)/G 1368 (ADP-186) F4 Bulks
PIC146 Mshindi (ADP-107)/PR9920-171 (ADP-429) F4 Bulks
PIC147 Mshindi (ADP-107)/PI 307808 (ADP-390) F4 Bulks
PIC148 Raz 25 (ADP-446)/G 1368 (ADP-186) F4 Bulks
PIC150 Raz 25 (ADP-446)/PR9920-171 (ADP-429) F4 Bulks
PIC151 Raz 25 (ADP-446)/PI 307808 (ADP-390) F4 Bulks
PIC152 Soya (ADP-63)/Kijivu (ADP-33) F4 Bulks
PIC153 Kablanketi (ADP-85)/Jesca (ADP-102) F4 Bulks
PIC154 Bukoba (ADP-7)/Kijivu (ADP-33) F4 Bulks