Bean Disease Workshop (Complete Program and Presentations)

In this post you will find the complete program and relevant presentations from the Common Bean Disease Workshop on Angular Leaf Spot and Root Rot celebrated at the Protea Hotel Kruger Gate, Skukuza, South Africa.

Complete program in PDF Format (download)

Monday, July 20, 2015

  • M.A. Pastor-Corrales. A review of the angular leaf spot disease of common bean in Latin America and Africa and implications for improved disease management (download).
  • Ayana Hordofa Getachew. Importance and management of Angular leaf spot (Phaeoisariopsis griseola) in Ethiopia (download).
  • Elaine de Souza. Genetics and Breeding for ALS resistance in common bean (download).
  • Eric Nduwarugira Common Bean Disease Workshop on Angular Leaf Spot and Root Rots (download)
  • Kidane Tumsa Resistance breeding against major diseases of common bean in Ethiopia (download)
  • Maria Celeste Co-segregation Analysis of Genes Conferring Resistance to Angular Leaf Spot, Anthracnose, and Rust Pathogenes in Common Bean (download)
  • Paul Gepts PhaseolusGenes: from a marker database to a sequence database (download)
  • Rowland Chirwa Progress in identifying sources of resistance to angular leaf Spot (Phaeosariopsis griseola) in Malawi (download)
  • Thiago Livio P. O. Suoza Progress in Common Bean Breeding for Angular Leaf Spot Resistance (download)

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

  • Carlos Jara Root rots in beans: Generating knowledge and Resources for their control (download)
  • Carlos Urrea Identification of Root Rot Resistant Germplasm for Mozambique and Zambia (download)
  • Clare Mukankusi Breeding for root rot resistance in East and Central Africa (download)
  • Graciela Godoy-Lutz Diagnosis of Fungal Bean Root Rot Pathogens using Molecular and Culture Methods (download)
  • James Kelly Breeding for Root Rot Resistance Jim Kelly & Clare Mukankusi (download)
  • María del Mar Jiménez-Gasco Diversity, ecology and evolution of soilborne fungal plant pathogens (download)
  • Martin Chilvers Screening Andean dry bean germplasm for root rot resistance and phenotyping Pythium species for pathogenicity and virulence (download)
  • Robin Buruchara A review of the root rot diseases of common bean with emphasis in Latin America and Africa (download)

Thursday, July 24, 2015

  • Anthracnose James Kelly Anthracnose Update (download)
  • Phillip Miklas Breeding for resistance to BCMV and BCMNV (download)
  • Paul Kusolwa Breeding for Bruchid Resistance in Farmers’ Preferred Common Bean (P.vulgaris) varieties in Tanzania (download)
  • Phillip Miklas Breeding bean for resistance to common and halo bacterial blights (download)
  • M.A. Pastor-Corrales Major Genes Conditioning Resistance to Rust in Common Bean and a Protocol for Monitoring Local races of the Bean Rust Pathogne (download)