PROCINORTE is a cooperative program in agricultural research and technology under the auspices of the Interamerican Institute for Cooperation in Agriculture. It is a vehicle to facilitate cooperative actions of mutual interest to IICA’s Northern Region of the America’s (Canada, Mexico, and U.S.A.).

PROCINORTE is organized as an Umbrella Task Force (Steering Committee), composed of official representatives of Canada, Mexico, the United States, an IICA representative and an Executive Secretariat. This group identifies areas of mutual interest, defines priorities and oversees development with action plans, outcomes and deliverables.

PROCINORTE has four specialized Task Forces Library and Information Services; Genetic Resources; Fruits Trees; Animal and Plant Health.


  • To promote dialogue to identify priority research issues common to the three countries and to influence the regional, hemispheric and global agendas.

  • To facilitate the exchange of experiences, information and training through the building of linkages among public and private country institutions of the Northern Region (PROCINORTE) and between the major research and technology transfer actors in the region, hemisphere and the world.

  • To carry out joint activities among participating institutions in solving problems of mutual interest.